Every year, the EA Sports team never fail to deliver when it comes to its football simulation series. With FIFA 22 being the latest version of the series, it is without a doubt a great improvement. The new animation technology and incredible graphical upgrades make the game even a better pick.

EA has made quite a meaningful progression when it comes to the features of the game. “HyperMotion” is a new motion-capture technology that EA is using to make FIFA 22 feel much more fluid on new-gen consoles by having an addition of over 4000 new animations that have been drawn from real-life matches.

We cannot fail to mention the FIFA 22 Ultimate teams. This is a feature that allows you to create your team and fill it with the best players possible. When buying players in FIFA 22 Ultimate team, you need to use an invaluable skill known as sniping as it holds some of those precious coins. In case you are wondering how to secure or buy fifa 22 coins, then here is a full guide for you.

Sniping in FIFA 22

Each player has a certain value and just like any other market you can easily secure a bargain through sniping rather than paying upfront. Sniping entails the art of getting a player from the transfer market for a value lesser than its usual market value. For this to happen, the user needs to act quickly and make the purchase immediately after the listing goes live.

The listings that you as the user are on the hunt for, are those that other FIFA Ultimate Team fans did not check the market properly or are looking to have a quick sale on a player.

Here is a guide on how to snipe in FIFA 22

  1. In the Menu bar, type the player’s name into the search box located in the corner at the top-left.
  2. Verify the market value of the player you intend to snipe.
  3. Make some adjustments on the Buy Now slider and input the most amount you are intending to spend.
  4. Click on the search button and go through the listings that appear.
  5. Swiftly try to purchase the cheapest player that pops up.
  6. Refresh and Repeat.

There are several other snipers that are trying the same thing as well, you might therefore miss the chance if you are too slow and you might end up not getting the player you wanted. You should, therefore, not be discouraged.

Making FIFA Coins through sniping.

Sniping is not only a great way to land a player for your Ultimate Team at a big discount, it is also a way that smart FIFA Ultimate Team fans can make easy coins. Through sniping a lot of cards for a lower value, you can re-list them back to the market at a higher price and bag yourself a clean profit.

If your intention is to purely make coins from the market, then you should consider placing a wider net when filtering your search instead of looking for a specific card. For example, if Belgian strikers are going up in value, you can search for all of them instead of Lukaku or Kevin De Bruyne.

Once you have mastered the art of sniping, there’s a higher chance that you get to enjoy the game even more. For successful sniping, ensure you have access to a very stable source of internet connection. Since there are many snipers probably going for the same card at the same time, the one with the slower internet always tends to lose. You do not want to miss the chance now that you know!

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