If you are just hearing about the meaning of a mobile crusher, then maybe you are a newbie in the mining industry. A mobile crusher is a tool that is most used for excavation purposes. The excavatioblurposes of a mobile crusher include; opening pits, crushing, and in some cases, recycling. If you have been a player in the mining industry for quite some time, you have most likely been using the mobile crusher equipment for many purposes. The mobile crusher has a design to help you crush a material, sort it into different sizes, and even carry the materials from place to place.

In the mining space, mobile crushers are very useful for any job. It is extremely hard to have a mobile project without seeing a mobile crusher at all. However, most people use a mobile crusher because it makes the job easier. Not everyone understands the working process of a mobile crusher. If you want to be like everyone, you can always use crushing equipment for work alone. But as a curious person, understanding the working process of a crusher is essential to your job and career in the mining industry. Let’s take a look at the active process of the mobile crusher.

Working Process of a mobile crusher

If you want to use a mobile crusher, you need to have your safety kit ready. It is a machine that can get you injured if you don’t have the necessary safety tools. Here is the process to follow if you want to use a mobile crusher.

Get the materials to be crushed

The first thing you want to confirm before getting the mobile crusher is to have the materials ready before getting the crusher. Also, the material you want to crush determines the type of mobile crusher you need. You can’t use the same mobile crusher for a stone to break metal.

Materials enter through the belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is one of the crucial parts of a mobile crusher. It is this part that is responsible for carrying the aggregates into the crusher. Depending on the design and manufacturer of the mobile crusher, the belt conveyor can have a technique that detects when metals are in the aggregate.

The metal materials stop at the magnetic separator

The design that helps the metal conveyor detect metal is known as the magnetic separator. This magnetic separator enables you to remove any metals from the mix. However, if you’re crushing metals, you may not want to use these metal separators.

Grizzly bars maintain the size of the mobile crusher

When you are trying to crush any material, there is a specific size you are usually considering. These sizes are generally specific, and as such, you need accuracy. Luckily, the grizzly bars of the mobile crushers are there to ensure you stay within the sizes. Depending on the aggregate size you want, your grizzly bars are sufficient.


Apart from the regular features of the mobile crusher as discussed in this guide, there are some other parts of the machine that are functional. Parts like the feed hopper store the material to be crushed, and the centralized operation panels make it easier to use the device. This material even comes with a control dust with the dust controllers. With the

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