Having the thought of where to buy fut coins is an indication that Fifa means more than a game to you. It is either a competition you are passionate about or one you make a lot of money from, or at least, you plan to make money from. Fifa is amongst one of the most popular games in the world. With numerous players across the different continents of the earth, it is a very interesting game. Another factor that makes Fifa stand tall amongst every other game is its dynamism. Fifa releases a new version every year, and the main aim of the version is to be better than all previous versions combined. That makes the game realistic and more entertaining for the players. Also, you can update your Fifa game to have some features of the newer version.

For people who love Fifa, it is more than a game, it is more like an addiction. True Fifa lovers leave an older edition for good when a newer version gets launched. For non-FIFA lovers, they assume the game is a form of distraction with no gain. Apart from helping to develop your brain, video games have many other benefits, one of which is making money. Fifa is one of the many video games you can make some money playing. By enjoying yourself with your hobby, you can make some cool bucks. This guide will show you how you can make money playing your favorite Fifa games. Some of these ways include

Through twitch streams

One of the most common streaming platforms for sports and others is Twitch. Apart from showing sports, another thing you can watch on twitch is people playing video games. You may think it does not make any sense, but playing games online makes a lot of money for people on twitch. In 2018, the top earners on twitch made more than $25million combined. On Twitch, many people are willing to watch you play FIFA and learn. However, your gameplay needs first to be entertaining and very amazing. To earn on twitch, you obviously need an account, but that is not the only criteria. You Need to have at least seven days of broadcast in the past month. Also, you need about 500 broadcast minutes in the past month. Lastly, you need about fifty followers and three consistent viewers over the past month.

Through free tournaments

Playing games can be fun and entertaining until it turns into a competition. Across the globe, there are different types of competitions organized to show superiority in the Fifa game. These tournaments may be free, but in order to spark the seriousness of the players, there is always again. The gain may be free access to a paid tournament with higher gain or maybe money itself.

Teach FIFA on YouTube

Fifa may be a game to you. But when you check the number of people willing to learn how to play the game, you will be surprised. Many gamers make a lot of money on YouTube learning how to play the game. Of course, playing the game regularly will teach some skills, but in most cases, you will not be able to compete. Hence, the need for people willing to learn it.

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